Comedy night at Blue Ridge Country Club

April 15th, 2010 posted by Kim Lilly

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A couple of weeks ago, Michael and I decided to check out Blue
Ridge Country Club’s
night, which is open to full-fledged members of the club as well as social
members (a social membership is incredibly affordable at just $100 year, which
gets you access to the restaurant and bar in the clubhouse and invitations to
comedy nights, live music events, dances, wine tastings, etc.).

The night began with a delightful dinner buffet in the club’s
beautiful main dining area with its high-vaulted ceiling and stunning view of
the course through the glass windows that surround the room. The self-serve
buffet consisted of sliced tenderloin, jumbo lump crab cakes, chicken marsala,
au grain potatoes, green beans and salad. Based on previous experience, I know
the chef at Blue Ridge Country Club to be excellent, so I made sure to
sample a little of everything from the buffet. Then servers dressed all in
black and white brought us our dessert: mixed berries with pound cake and

After a delicious dinner and dessert, my dad, also a
member at Blue Ridge, introduced the comics for the night and the show began.
We had great seats at a table directly in front of the stage. There were a
total of three stand-up comedians from Comedy Blast which performs regularly around Lehigh Valley at various locations. All of them
had us in stitches for most of the two-hour show – you should’ve heard them go
on about the yuppiness of belonging to a club! My favorite had to be
the blind comedian; even though he wasn’t the headliner, he wasn’t afraid
to laugh as himself and use his disability to his advantage.

For $34 (plus tax and gratuity) per person, comedy night at Blue
Ridge was an incredibly affordable way to let go of some stress. I
mean, everyone needs a good laugh now and then, right?

Have you been to any comedy shows before? If so, where?

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