Top 5 Things To Do if you don’t want to watch the Superbowl

February 3rd, 2012 posted by Jason Stershic

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Things To Do on Super Sunday

This list is not intended for the sole use of people who don’t care about football. I also dedicate it to all of my friends who are Eagles or Jets fans, who can’t root for either side.

1. Go Skiing
It is winter and although your backyard may not have snow the mountains do. Both Bear Creek and Blue Mountain are ready for you to hit the slopes.

2. Hit the Casino
Sands Casino has great restaurants and let’s face it, you didn’t have the foresight to bet on the Giants when they were out of it, so take that money, put it in the slots and see if you can’t be Sunday night’s big winner.

3. Go to an Inn or B & B
Valentine’s Day may still be 11 days away, but why wait. Take that special someone to an Inn or B &B Sunday night. You don’t need to stay over, you could just make a date of it. Glabern for example has a restaurant, and reservations would be a good idea.

4. See a movie
It doesn’t really matter what movie you see or where you see it. But with most of America sitting in their living rooms or at the bars & pubs, you should be able to own the theater if you choose.

5. Go shopping
If you’re really not interested in the game, then why not go get yourself a new pair of shoes or pants? Why not go grocery shopping? As mentioned before with most of America tuned in to the game you’ll practically be royalty when the clerks see you out and in their store.

So, if you’re not watching the game what will you be doing on Sunday?

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