Lehigh Valley Guestagrammer Emanuel de Jesus of Bethlehem

March 19th, 2013 posted by George Wacker

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Exiting 78 in Hellertown

Our latest installment in our Guestagram Series features Bethlehem resident Emanuel de Jesus, @emanueld79. Emanuel’s photos will be on our Lehigh Valley Instagram account throughout the next few days.

In our Guestagram Series, a local photographer takes over our account for a few days to showcase their work and their take on the great area we live in.

Emanuel’s photos will be posted on our Instagram account, as well as our Twitter feed, throughout the next few days.

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account yourself, you can still check out all of our photos as they are posted directly on the web.

Click directly on the gallery below for Emanuel’s photos.

You can see also a collection of previous Guestagram photos on our Pinterest pin board.

If you are a photographer, or even just someone who likes taking pictures, and are interested in participating in our new Guestagram program, please email george@discoverlehighvalley.com


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